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C# a very popular programming language, because it is simple, elegant, less verbose than Java. It has features that can make your code succinct, readable, maintainable and yet very very powerful

Today C# is considered to be the most popular and modern Programming language. It belongs to "C" family and inherently has lots of things carried from C programming language. It is the ideal choice of all .net developers for the reason that Microsoft has developed C# with features of popular languages to develop different types of .net applications. It has SIMPLICITY of Java, POWER of C++ and PRODUCTIVITY of VB.

Course Content:

  • Get complete knowledge of MS.NET Framework and its internals
  • Use VS.NET - Integrated Development Environment
  • Develop deep understanding of C# language features
  • Build strong concepts of OOP's and implement the same in C#
  • Create and manage strings, arrays, collections and enumerators using .NET framework library
  • Perform file input and output operations - read and write data streams, serialize and de-serialize an object graph
  • Build on applications using N-Tier architecture having Data, DAO and Business classes
  • Develop database centric applications using ADO.NET
  • Build GUI applications using .NET Framework and WinForms API
  • How XML can be utilized in operating data between discrete technologies
  • Build and use the reusable components and controls
  • Develop Multithreading and Asynchronous Programming
  • Package and Setup .net applications
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