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Dynamic HyperText Markup Language in short called as DHTML. DHTML builds upon the existing HTML standards to expand the possibilities of the Web page design, presentation, & interaction. Ultimately, the mastering of DHTML will allow you to build Web-based applications, rather than more portraits of data. DHTML refers to as a set of related Internet technology to provide more and more interactive HTML pages, that is to say, the content can be changed through events (mouse movement, mouse over, etc), after the loading the pages.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to DHTML
  • Reviewing HTML & JavaScript used in DHTML
  • Creating a simple DHTML with example
  • Understanding DOM – including DOM properties & DOM methods
  • Creating the positionable elements (layers)
  • DHTML Training- Responding to events
  • Finding & critiquing online DHTML resources
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