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Masters of Business Administration (MBA)


MBA or Master of Business Administration is one of the popular, 2 year professional courses which is the ever demanding one in India and across the globe. It is a semester based course (mostly 4 semesters) deals with the theoretical aspects of business. There are two types of MBA- General and Specialized, and cover different subjects including Commerce, economics, Management etc. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is equivalent to MBA, but a PGDM graduate can’t do the PhD since it is not recognized. But now most of the organizations/firms prefer PGDM over MBA because of the industry relevance. There are also other programs like Post Graduate Programs (PGP) in business for the future Managers.

Advantages or Benefits of Master of Business Administration Degree:

MBA and other programs in Management are highly demanding in the present scene because of the emergence of the large corporate houses, MNCs and industrial giants and the world wide economic growth. The social and individualistic view point is change largely, were people are more concentrated on Career growth and maximize the earning rather than job security.

MBA boosts individuals passion and hunger for success

  • Acts as a Career Accelerator
  • Develops the quality of Leadership and ladder to entrepreneurship
  • Add value to the competency
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