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PageMaker is a layout program. Many of its facilities, while providing for the general user, are directed to meeting the requirements of the page-layout artist in the development of all forms of publications.

PageMaker is a software to create various pagelayouts. We can easily arrange various graphics and text with this software.

About this Course:

This PageMaker course teaches you the basics of the computer application PageMaker 7. This course enables you to gain the PageMaker skills useful for Desktop Publishing. This course gives you an understanding of the place of PageMaker in the modern publishing practices.

We provide computer education for DTP and other computer courses with considerable quality and perfection. DTP course is useful for learning how to design various publications such as banner, brochure, viz. cards, books and book covers, booklets, kankotri, etc. DTP course includes PageMaker, CorelDraw and Photoshop. This course is useful for graphic designers, web designers, DTP operators and all other persons who work with images and designs. Following are the topics which you will learn during this course.

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